PHP and JavaScript Photo Slideshow

June 14th, 2003 by Andrew

This post refers only to my old gallery. My new gallery can be found at

In my picture gallery, (which is run by a PHP program I made from scratch) I have a added a cool slideshow option when you view a picture. Browsing through images will be much easier now, since you don’t have to close the larger image to click on another thumbnail. You can scroll through them by clicking on the “next” or “previous” buttons, or you can click “play”, and the photos will show every 10 seconds. This is a great stride for my photos also, since I’ve made the photo-viewer “smarter”. It now resizes pictures to a predetermined height. This is because I was noticing that my pictures were too big for many monitors out there, so you couldn’t see the whole picture. There was also a problem before with not always being able to see the whole caption. Hopefully that problem ahs been resolved as well. The sizing of the pictures has been a problem for awhile, and I’m glad that I could finally think of a way to fix it.


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