I’ve Finally Learned A Database

June 15th, 2004 by Andrew

I’ve put it off for a long time as something I didn’t need, but now that I have the skill, I don’t know how I’ve gone without it. PHP with a MySQL database is extremely awesome. Before I learned how to use it, I was making my own way of storing and retrieving any dynamic information I kept on the site. This meant that everything was slow, and may not have worked correctly. That is no longer the case. The site is much faster when it’s drawing from the database, and the data comes out so much “cleaner” that it would have with one of my methods of storing and retrieving it.

This is a good day for AMWhalen.com, as the new site works as I want it to. At this point it’s not completed (as I still need to add content to some places), but it will soon be unveiled to the world of the internet.


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