In other news, 72.3% of all percentages are made up.

The dumb german kid Sven is back in the news, with professional statistic-makers saying he’s the cause for at least 70% of this year’s viruses. He was responsible for both the Netsky and Sasser viruses, which both caused a lot of downtime for many Windows machines.

Of course, this kid may not have been completely responsible for the Netsky virus on his own, as the officials are still investingating his “gang”. They’ve only questioned some of his friends, but no one has been arrested.

If this kid was good enough with computers to make these viruses, why couldn’t he have made something for the purposes of good? Although he must be proud of his little hellspawn programs for being the top 70% percent, he could make something so much cooler. Possibly a virus that fixes Windows? And by fix, I mean infect the entire Microsoft complex so they may never produce another inferior piece of software again.

The whole story is here if you’re interested. But you’re probably not, so why bother?

Also, there’s a new poll if you haven’t noticed. It asks if you’re right or left-handed. It’s not a difficult question people, so just vote. I’ll try to post an update when I add new polls from now on.


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