The funny prices of old computers

August 10th, 2004 by Andrew

c64 magazine

So I was reading slashdot one day, and I discovered an article about old computer prices. It’s great to read old computer stuff like this, and see how 3MB used to be great for a hard drive size, and a 2mhz processor was “blazing fast”. What interested me the most though, was one of the images submitted from a September 1984 issue of a Commodore 64 newsletter. It’s funny to see how a disk drive, now something that’s $20 or less, was then $580. Also, it’s cool that the page is from the month and year I was born. As a note, I wasn’t the one who highlighted the information on the image, nor was I the one who took the picture. If you like this picture, also check this out: commodore vic20


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