Specs Of My Computers

October 14th, 2004 by Andrew

I’ve made a part of this site where you can see all the computers I have. It has their specs, and even pictures. It’s more of a reference for myself (like a lot of the stuff on this site), but you may enjoy looking at it. That will be up soon, and I’ll leave another post when it is.

Also, since I never posted them on their own, here are the specs of my new computer:

The New Computer “Acaunnor”:

  • Diablo ATX Mid-Tower Case with 450 Watt Power Supply, Front Blue Neon Lights
  • Mach Speed X-Caliber PT800DBP 478 ATX Motherboard with AGP 8x/4x, USB 2.0, 10/100Mbps LAN
  • Intel Pentium 4 3.0GHz Processor
  • GeForce FX5700LE, 256MB DDR, AGP 8x (Replaced original fan/heatsink with Vantec Iceberq 4 VGA Cooling Kit-Copper with Blue LED)
  • 512MB PC3200 DDR RAM (With Aluminum memory cooler)
  • Total 230GB Hard Drive Space (30GB, 40GB and 160GB)
  • 52x CD-ROM
  • 32x10x40 CD Burner
  • Windows XP Professional

That’s my computer. Hopefully it’ll be good enough for games like Half-Life 2, Doom3 and the such, when I actually get them.


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