2004 AMWhalen.com Statistics

January 1st, 2005 by Andrew

Here are some watered-down web statistics for the year of 2004. Before you go reading too much into the number of “hits”, let me explain what a “hit” really is. When you access a web page, there are a number of things associated with the page you are viewing: images, stylesheets, etc. Those are different files that are also downloaded when you view a web page besides the main html code. This means, that when you open a page with 6 images on it, and a stylesheet attached – it equals 8 hits. 1 hit when you open the page, 6 hits for the images, and 1 more for the stylesheet. So, hits aren’t very accurate for telling how many people see my site.

The statistic that tells us how many people actually view the site is called a “visit”. This is where the important data lies. Take this into account when looking at these numbers below.

Total Hits: 790,487
Total Visits: 40,795
Total Kilobytes: 62,319,050kb (59.43gb)
Daily Average Hits: 2,350/day
Daily Average Visits: 123/day
Monthly Average Hits: 70,121/month
Monthly Average Visits: 3,645/month
Top Awards
Most Visited Month: March, 6,212 visits, 200/day average
Least Visited Month: December, 2,526 visits, 81/day average
Most Visited Day: March 8, 278 visits
Least Visited Day: December 19, 34 visits

On the whole, the visitation trend was downwards. More people visited the site at the beginning of the year, than at the end. There is a very good explanation for this.

At the beginning of the year, I was hosting the Northeast District Website for Kappa Kappa Psi. This drew in a lot of people. Since the statistics also represent usage of the NED site, not just amwhalen.com, this makes sense. During the year, I moved the web site back to it’s original hosting site, so a lot of traffic moved off of my server.

Also, in August, the WHS Band website was part of my website at amwhalen.com/whs/. This is no longer true, since it’s at whsband.info, and it’s now a “virtual site” on my server, meaning any hits to whsband.info don’t get counted into the amwhalen.com statistics. So basically, the visits may have gone up since the beginning of the year, but I won’t know, since there are other sites mixed in which are now moved.


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