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March 4th, 2005 by Andrew

It’s that time again – time for me to be creative, and completely overhaul my website. I’ve made lots of changes to this new version of, let’s list some of them:

  • Time/Season dynamic title bar
  • Improved commenting system
  • More Featured Images
  • Cleaner CSS
  • User-Login System

Check out the features section for explanations of some of these.

There’s lots of things I did to change the site this time around, hopefully all of them will improve the experience. Most notably of course, is the graphical design. I never really liked the horizontally-aligned page like it was before. The vertical scrolling is much better, and everything fits nicely into small screens. Hopefully this will be the last major change for awhile (at least longer than 9 months).

Also, the content of the Info pages is lacking quite a bit, but all of that will be up soon.


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