Summer Movies Are Looking Good

April 29th, 2005 by Andrew

Every once in awhile I end up sifting through tons of trailers on Apple’s site using iTunes. Yes, iTunes. It does a great job of categorizing the trailers, and it even has a nice interface which shows tabs for where you are in the hierarchy of trailers. There’s a picture included to show you just how handy it is. I’ll have to actually get around to reviewing movies that I’ve seen, and not reviewing how they look in the trailers…

Anyway, I’ve watched a few trailers today. One of them was a movie I had seen last year, and even then I said it looked good. This movie is, of course, “Batman Begins”. Now that I’ve seen the trailer, it looks even better. It’s a lot darker, and more “real” than the previous Batman movies. I don’t really like when movies get too caught up in all the comic book type of stuff, as the other Batman movies did.

I’ve only seen the TV trailer for the last installment of the Star Wars saga, “Revenge of the Sith”, but I did read Kevin Smith’s awesome review of it. He says a lot of good things, but gives a lot away. After being disappointed by the first two episodes of Star Wars, this third one is apparently much darker and has lots of death and destruction. A nice change from Jar Jar’s annoying voice.

There’s yet another zombie movie coming out this summer, fittingly entitled “Undead”. It looks to be just like any of the other zombie movies. Here’s how the “Zombie Movie Plan” goes: it’s probably a horror-thriller with lots of carnage. Some type of disease made by man or sent in from space starts to infect the dead, turning them into undead. A group of survivors band together to make a final stand, and they may or may not make it out alive, depending on whether or not the writer thinks of the glass as half-full or half-empty. At some point in the movie, one of the surviving group will have to make a tough decision, as a [survivor/friend/family member] will become a zombie, and they’ll have to kill that person. There’s every zombie movie you ever have or will see. Despite the repetition of ideas, I’m sure I’ll still go see “Undead”.

A new good-and-evil movie will also be coming out this year. “Night Watch (NOCHNOI DOZOR)” seems to have a similar plot as “Underworld”, where there is a long history of two forces battling, and now in the present, they come out of hiding and the war begins again. It looks like it takes a new spin on many things though, and it’ll probably have a great story to it as well.

“The Island” looks to be the newest film in the trendy “clone” genre. This movie looks good though, with Ewan McGregor heading up the movie as the main character. Basically there’s this utopian society, but what’s really going on, is that all the citizens of this island are actually clones of real-world people. Strange. Looks like a nice action-packed movie, and has a feeling to it like “Minority Report” and “I, Robot”.


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