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May 5th, 2005 by Andrew

So basically, according to this article, science in textbooks has taken a back seat to being politically correct. I hate this kind of stuff. People are so whiny these days. This comes back to the whole “equal” issue. According to textbook makers today, white males aren’t as important to science as women/minorities/the disabled. A quote from the article:

“Political correctness is often more important than scientific accuracy. Middle-school text publishers now employ more people to censor books than they do to check facts.”

That’s just great. Apparently in many books, whenever there is a page about a certain scientist, such as Thomas Edison, a larger and more pronounced picture and/or summary will be written about a “scientific minority”. This is dumb. In 1995, the National Academy of Sciences, the people who state what should be in textbooks, said this:

They tell teachers to be “sensitive” to students who are “economically deprived, female, have disabilities, or [come] from populations underrepresented in the sciences.” Teachers should especially encourage “women and girls, students of color and students with disabilities.”

So basically anyone who isn’t in that group shouldn’t be learning science? How far is this going to go? I thought things like Minority and Women’s Rights Groups wanted equality. Apparently some people care more about a completely shifted equality, where anyone not in the groups above get the shaft. I hate political correctness because it’s far from being correct.


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