Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

July 22nd, 2005 by Andrew

I don’t think this movie lived up to the original. This new version seemed to play off the success of its predecessor to attract a crowd. The oompa-loompa singing scenes contained music which will be dated within a year or two, unlike the original which used a more traditional style heard in musicals.

I don’t like that all the oompa-loompas were played by one guy in this remake either. The visual effects people just cloned him about 50 times whenever there was an oompa-loompa scene. On a side note, the overuse of digital effects in movies has made them a lot less realistic, and when done badly, a lot less enjoyable. A movie should engulf you in a fantasy world without you continually thinking, “wow, this is a fantasy world.”

Willy Wonka was really the main character this time around, as opposed to Charlie being the focus. There were numerous flashbacks to Willy Wonka’s youth explaining why he chose the field of candy-making. Johnny Depp did well portraying the character, but I still didn’t like the character. It seemed like a more distant and cynical Willy Wonka when compared to Gene Wilder’s portrayal.

This remake, or “reimagining”, really tried to be too modern in all of its aspects. In my book, the movie starts off in a hole for being directed by Tim Burton. Nothing during the two hours helped the film crawl out of that hole. This movie now joins a list of disappointing remakes, since remakes seem to be a big movie fad right now.


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