Public Service Announcement

August 3rd, 2005 by Andrew

In this world full of IMing, text-messaging and email, there seems to be no more emphasis on spelling or grammar. Mixed up combinations of numbers and letters have now seemingly replaced the traditional exclusive use of letters when spelling a word. It’s not uncommon for ‘ks’ to be substituted with ‘x’, as in ‘thanx’, or numeric characters replacing entire words such as ‘this is 4 U’.

Nothing annoys me more than wrong spelling and bad grammar. Also, nothing makes one look more dumb than committing a multitude of spelling errors. This is just a friendly public service announcement to remind the general public how some basic words should be spelled. In these examples, the misspelling will be demonstrated, followed by an accurate representation.

  • definately: The word “definitely” never has, never does and never will contain the letter ‘a’.
  • prolly: “Probably” is something you should probably look up in a dictionary before attempting to spell again.
  • should of: This is more of a misunderstanding when translating from how it sounds to how it’s spelled. The correct version is “should have.”
  • LOL, AFK, BRB, etc.: Another annoying consequence of the digital age is the disgusting overuse of acronyms.

This list is far from complete, and may be subsequently updated through later posts. We now return you to your regularly scheduled life of obliviousness to standards set by people much smarter than you.


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