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February 4th, 2006 by Andrew

The last post here was September of last year, a little under five months ago. I’ve been through a whole semester since then, and lots of things have happened. So far, this Spring 2006 semester is going well. I’ve got a database class, software engineering, C++, physics 2, and differential equations.

Math is the only class I’m not looking forward to, and it’s not hard to figure out why. With a name like differential equations, it’s not exactly a class any normal person would enjoy taking. Physics this semester deals with electricity, which I’m looking forward to. My database class obviously deals with databases. For you to view these words, a database had to be accessed. Databases aren’t something new to me, so hopefully I’ll be able to slide through this class without much trouble.

Software Engineering seems like it may be just a fun class in general. Learning how to deal with producing a piece of software for a customer is the main focus of the class. This should be a good skill for when I someday make it to the “real world.” I’m also taking a one credit class on learning C++. I’ve bought a book before on C++, but never sat down and actually taught it to myself. This will be a good opportunity to force myself to learn a new language.

Someday soon I might get around to taking some new pictures, and updating the old photoblog. It’s been almost a month since that’s been updated. I’ve gotta get on that. Taking pictures in the snow with dark and cloudy skies isn’t much fun. Maybe with all this rain, something will spark my interest.


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