Andrew M. Whalen Photography

May 18th, 2007 by Andrew

As my final project for my Interactive Web Animation (Flash) class this semester, I decided to make a web site. I’ve had the idea now for awhile to have a site that is just intended to showcase some of my better photography. In 2004 I started a photoblog, which lasted for awhile, but I grew tired of taking photos just for that. The next step was keeping an updated photo gallery, but with that the photos are too scattered and inefficient to scan through. My final project gave me an excuse to finally make a site that just has the best of the best, displayed in an easy-to-browse fashion.

Enter Andrew M. Whalen Photography. The site features a spiffy Flash version, and also an HTML version if your browser doesn’t have at least Flash Player 8. Even if you do have Flash Player 8, there’s an option at the bottom to switch your browsing session between Flash and HTML. The About section contains links to featured photography of mine. Eventually, I may want to offer some sort of print ordering of the photos, to see if the site can produce a little cash.


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