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July 1st, 2008 by Andrew

The DreamHost LogoFirst off, is no longer brought to you by an old PC running Ubuntu from my room. I’ve upgraded to hosting with DreamHost, and things couldn’t be better. They offer so much bandwidth, disk space and features that it really wasn’t much of a decision to switch. Rather than maintaining my own hardware, I can focus on maintaining the content and code, which is really what’s the most fun. Some things I really like that they offer:

  • 500 GB Storage (increases weekly by 2 GB)
  • 5 TB Bandwidth (increases weekly by 40 GB)
  • Unlimited MySQL 5 Databases
  • Unlimited Domains and Subdomains
  • PHP 5, Ruby on Rails, Subversion

As part of the migration process, I needed to modify the Cycling WordPress plugin I created to track my cycling stats. On the old server the data was coming from a PostgreSQL database. Unfortunately, DreamHost doesn’t offer PostgreSQL databases, even though they’re really cool. So, I had to create a whole new plugin from the ground up that uses MySQL, which is what WordPress requires and uses to store its data. I call it CycloPress, and I’ve added it to the WordPress Plugin Directory. It’s very cool, and I’m using it here now. On a side note, the Subversion hosting WordPress offers for plugin creators is very nice as well.

You’ll also notice I’ve added my Twitter feed to the sidebar. I’m using a plugin called SimpleTwitter, which is just as simple as its name suggests. I type in my username, an expiration time in minutes, add a PHP tag to my sidebar, and it all works.


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  1. Hi, I like the look of your WP Cycling plugin. One question though – what computer do you use on your bike and how’d you extract the data from it? I’m looking to upgrade mine soon and any hints you can give me would be very grateful.


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