Artwork and Schematics Circa 1996

August 30th, 2008 by Andrew

I was ridding my closet of useless junk and came upon a stack of papers, some of which were dated 1996. That would put me in the 6th or 7th grade.

Darth Vader’s not bad; it was probably drawn from a reference picture. I found the motorcycle on the inside of an old folder. The cat in the window was probably a drawing of Jasmine.

The “Life Support Suit” boasts a pretty impressive array of features:

  • An oxygen pack
  • Fuel tanks for the rockets (to move in space?)
  • Batteries to power the electronics
  • Missiles
  • Life boat with a 200 mile radio
  • Hand-warming gloves
  • Super-lite snowboard that attaches to the back of the pack
  • Parachute
  • Arm Strap Monitor to control everything
  • Flashlight on the arm strap runs on its own batteries

The “Lava Proof” obelisk-shaped building is amazing as well:

  • 2 (maybe 4) 50-foot pure titanium beams holding the building in the ground
  • Soft sand around the titanium beams, to allow the building to wobble rather than crumble in earthquakes
  • Heavily compacted dirt around the sand for strong support
  • Alternating concrete, titanium, and insulation shell
  • The titanium in the shell is apparently so lava doesn’t get inside
  • Each floor is concrete surrounding titanium


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