Dome Turned To Dust

December 24th, 2008 by Andrew

Photos of the RCA Dome.

It’s weird to think that the RCA Dome has been demolished.

I was most recently there in the Fall of 2007 with the UMass Minuteman Marching Band when they were there as the exhibition band for the Bands of America Grand National Championships.

Previously I was there with the band in 2004 for the same reason.

The dome was held up by air pressure (really!) and had giant airlocks that had to be opened in exactly the right way or the dome would collapse. I remember being in a huge room with 20 foot doors on either side, waiting for the interior door to open so me and the hundred or so band people with me could get onto the field. There were also smaller revolving doors (that were always hard to push) for faster one-at-a-time access to the field.

The photos from top to bottom:

  • The RCA Dome in 2004 at night.
  • Me, Jimmy and Melissa (2004 UMMB Equipment Staff) on the 50 yard line on top of the Colts logo.
  • The RCA Dome in December 2008 being imploded.


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