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The Island

August 4th, 2005 by Andrew

This movie explored consequences of cloning technology. Although somewhat far-fetched, the ideas and technology presented in this film all seem to be possible. Recently a team of scientists cloned a dog, which is supposedly much harder to do than cloning sheep. The electronic gadgets are all plausible as well. Many aspects of the movie reminded […]

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

July 22nd, 2005 by Andrew

I don’t think this movie lived up to the original. This new version seemed to play off the success of its predecessor to attract a crowd. The oompa-loompa singing scenes contained music which will be dated within a year or two, unlike the original which used a more traditional style heard in musicals. I don’t […]

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I never did get around to saying anything about movies which I’ve seen recently. So here goes. First of all, out of the three movies mentioned in the title, I’ve seen one of them twice. You’d never guess which one. That’s right, Mr. & Mrs. Smith (which will now be referred to as MAMS to […]

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From the man who created the Zombie movie genre, we’re getting another movie in the “dead” series. I haven’t seen any ads for this at all, until I went to see Episode III for a second time tonight. There were a few recognizeable faces in the trailer. First I saw John Leguizamo for a second […]

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Star Wars Trilogy

May 24th, 2005 by Andrew

Before seeing Episode III last week, I had watched Episodes IV and V on the newly released DVD set. I watched Episode VI last night, and everything seemed very different while watching the movie. The entire story feels more complete, and seems to have more meaning. Especially enhanced, is the feeling of being liberated from […]

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