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Brought to You by DreamHost

July 1st, 2008 by Andrew

First off, amwhalen.com is no longer brought to you by an old PC running Ubuntu from my room. I’ve upgraded to hosting with DreamHost, and things couldn’t be better. They offer so much bandwidth, disk space and features that it really wasn’t much of a decision to switch. Rather than maintaining my own hardware, I […]

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PHP 5.0.4 and Apache 2.0.54

June 11th, 2005 by Andrew

I spent nearly 4 hours upgrading PHP and Apache on my server here. I’ve attempted it before, but I’ve never made it very far. I finally followed the steps suggested by PHP, and everything actually works, as you can see if you’re looking at this page right now. After doing some stupid things, like pointing […]

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The New Gallery Has Finally Been Built

July 6th, 2004 by Andrew

I’ve been working for some time on a new gallery to hold all of my pictures. It finally works, and I’m adding more and more pictures as I write this. My new gallery is much faster, and works much better. Underneath it’s shiny new interface is a bunch of PHP code, and a few MySQL […]

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PHP and JavaScript Photo Slideshow

June 14th, 2003 by Andrew

This post refers only to my old gallery. My new gallery can be found at http://www.amwhalen.com/gallery. In my picture gallery, (which is run by a PHP program I made from scratch) I have a added a cool slideshow option when you view a picture. Browsing through images will be much easier now, since you don’t […]

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Preview of Things to Come

June 4th, 2003 by Andrew

Just about 3 month since the last update, and not much has really been done. I finally got around to adding the randomized title-bar today. The final code that runs it ended up being JavaScript and not php like I had first envisioned. It’s simple and intuitive this way, which it would not have been […]

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