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September 11th, 2007 by Andrew

Lately, I spend about 2 hours in my car on weekdays for work at UMass. On the drive I often see things that would make great photos. On the drive home last week, I finally gave in and stopped after seeing these horses a few times. At the time I leave, the sun is just […]

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Flower Photos

April 30th, 2007 by Andrew

Being spring, flowers around UMass are blooming into existence. I had a chance to walk around campus for a little while and capture some of the colors that are popping up. Although a cloudy day, I was still able to get some good stuff. Some of the bee pictures are my favorites, since I spent […]

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Differential Equations Is No More

February 8th, 2006 by Andrew

I thought I had to take Differential Equations (Math 331) as a requirement for Computer Science. It turns out I was mistaken, and I actually have a choice of about eight math classes that I can take. This means I’ve dropped Differential Equations, and replaced it with Political Science 101. I’ll be taking Statistics 501 […]

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Something New

February 4th, 2006 by Andrew

The last post here was September of last year, a little under five months ago. I’ve been through a whole semester since then, and lots of things have happened. So far, this Spring 2006 semester is going well. I’ve got a database class, software engineering, C++, physics 2, and differential equations. Math is the only […]

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It’s October Already?

October 6th, 2004 by Andrew

Where’d September go? It seems to me that the first month of the semester just flew right by, and now I’m knee deep in classes, without even a trace of the shorts and sunglasses of summer. I guess I’m just too busy to even bother with keeping track of time. I just go about my […]

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